Friday, July 12, 2013

A Thrill Every Minute


I swear this conference gets better every year.  Big names at the Grand Hyatt this time were Michael Connelly, Ann Rice, T. Jefferson Parker, Michael Palmer, R.L. Stine, Steve Berry and hordes of great authors that come back every year.  Between panels, workshops and parties, there just isn't a minute to breathe.   Here are some highlights:

This was the view from the Top of the Strand, where my publisher St. Martin's held their annual party. Strong drinks and nice folks


Fondue at Artisinal with some author friends.

Mostly they serve cheese and more cheese...

But we shared some other delicacies, like Octopus and this dish - you'll never guess what this is. Go on, guess?

Cocktail party was so much fun - here with Lee Child.

Right in between Michael Palmer and Catherine Coulter.

A real highlight was listening to Anne Rice interviewed by her son Christopher. They are hysterically funny.

Not a whole lot of time to blog about how fantabulous ThrillerFest has been, but this is an itty bitty slice of the last couple days.  Tonight all the debut authors go out for dinner and tomorrow is the big debut breakfast.  I'm so excited! 

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