Wednesday, July 10, 2013



What a fascinating day I had at the FBI building thanks to the folks at ThrillerFest who arranged for a bunch of authors to go down there for a private workshop on organized crime, terrorism, cyber crime and other topics that make us drool.  They showed us evidence of past investigations, like the tire of the plane that crashed into the WTC and a gas can left from the first Trade Center bombing. As for the stereotypical FBI guy - tall, thin, buzz cut, black suit, dark glasses, computer-like mannerisms - it's mostly Hollywood hype. Some of these guys are true New-Yorkers and really funny.  I was fascinated by their descriptions of actual investigations. I can't give details, but we really got a taste of the criminals, their blunders, the money trail, murders. And the chase - helicopters, blood hounds, guns, bombs, teargas, a million dollars in the wall, a body in the trunk.  Graphic stuff that sent my author mind buzzing. 

Tomorrow is the first day of ThrillerFest, which is sure to be a blast. Four solid days of workshops, parties, lectures with some of the greatest authors in the world.  Check my blog over the next few days to see how things are going.

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  1. Wow cool! Ants are awesome. And this book is awesome. :D